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Hard Money Loan ApplicationHard money rehab loans up to 65% of the ARV. Interest only payments with no prepayment penalty…

Apply for a Hard Money Rehab Loan

Download and complete the following documents:

Include the following documents (if not previously submitted):

  • Personal and business bank/financial statements for the current plus past THREE months (account holder’s name MUST be visible; include ALL pages)
  • Current pay stub (if applicable)
  • Valid driver’s license issued by the applicant’s state of residence
  • Fully executed purchase and sale agreement including all exhibits, addendums, contract assignments, etc. (contract must be legible and have signatures of all parties)
  • Detailed pictures of the property (exterior: front, back, left, right, street views; interior: all rooms detailing condition of the property).  Please upload the pictures to Google Picasa and email a link to the pictures to wade (at)
  • Contractor estimates

Email documents to wade (at)